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What is Filter Change Reminder?

Our filter change reminder program strives to bring your convenience at your fingertips, with automatic updates sent directly to your phone.

How do we do it?

It's pretty simple. Purchase a NaturalAire air filter and look for the sticker, scan the QR Code or text CLEANAIR to FILTER. The QR Code will take you directly to the form. Texting CLEANAIR to FILTER will send you a text message with a link to the form.

  • Register your air filter, fill out all required fields. 
  • Select your reminder date (we ask that you use the recommendation on the packing of the filter you've purchased). Usually, on your purchased air filter, you will see
  • If you aren't sure about what reminder date to set, sooner is always better. 

What now?

You've successfully registered your air filter, now what? Not much happens between now and your reminder date. Based on the rate you've selected, you can expect an email or text.

Notifications: I got my reminder...

Once you receive your reminder, we ask that you follow the steps within the email or text message you've received. 


  • If you selected an email, you would receive an email with two links. The first link will advise you to change your air filter in your home.
  • Once you've done that, we ask you to click the button in the email to renew your reminder. 
  • If you've purchased a different MERV or type of filter, and you're not sure if you would like the same reminder rate. No worries, you can click the button at the end of the email, and it will redirect you to change your preferences.


Don't fret, if you've chosen SMS/text messages - it works the same way, you'll respond to the messages and reminders on your phone instead of email. All texting commands you will need are listed within the text messages we send out! 

Notifications: for procrastinators...

You know who you are, and we know you exist. We didn't forget about you! We want you to understand what your notifications will look like if you're a bit behind. 

Email & Text Notifications

Applies to all notification preferences (30, 60, or 90)! If you are not able, missed, skimmed, accidentally deleted, or intentionally deleted (internally, "I'll deal with it later."). We've got you covered!

Three days, we will send you a reminder to change your air filter. It will allow you to renew your existing reminder or start a new one based on your preferences. 

Five days, we will send you another notification based on your settings. Officially eight days past due on your air filter change. It might not seem like a long time in the scheme of things. But a week and a day, nonetheless. Once you've gotten your hands dirty, the rule still applies. Renew your existing reminder or start with a new one!

Seven days, alright, alright, we understand. You're busy. We haven't given up on you just yet! The last and final attempt. Be sure to click the correct buttons within the email or text back to renew or register new preferences. Failure to complete any action 48 hours after the last email, we will automatically unsubscribe you. We don't want to clutter your busy inbox. If you happen to make it to the last/final email, don't worry. When you get some time free in your calendar, we know you will eventually replace that air filter. When you do, scan the QR code or send us a message. You can reaccess Filter Change Reminder, on your own terms.

There's more...

Not only are you apart of the coolest filter change reminder on the planet! But, we thought it would be worthwhile mentioning a few other cool things. Our goal is for our consumers to be a little more aware of the air they are breathing. You are responsible for your indoor air quality. You have the potential to breathe the best and cleanest air, something we take for granted. We want to provide our consumers with a hassle-free reminder tool and also give you all some great advice, tips, and ideas to start breathing cleaner air, now.